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16 year old inappropriate behavior towards 18 year old step sister

I don't know if this is the right forum but I didn't know where else to go. I am 18 years old & almost a year ago I caught my step brother (16) trying to film me in the shower. He left a phone recording and in the album you saw him setting it up and everything. I had lived with him since he was 5 years old and even though we weren't super close I still considered him my brother. When this all happened he went to love with his mom (who lived five minutes away). My mom and my step dad let him move back into our home about a month after the whole incident happened without really giving me much of a choice. I have been very uncomfortable and have tried to talk to my mom about it but every time I do she says I'm dramatic or exaggerating and makes me feel bad about even brining it up. Recently I got knee surgery and it's made everything worse because I can't simply just leave when he's here and yesterday I was left home alone with him and felt extremely uncomfortable. Even though I don't believe he will do anything else I am not happy living with him. And like I said I can't even talk to my mom about it. I don't know how I should handle the situation or what I should do. I do not currently have a job (because of the knee surgery) and I go to college so moving out would not really be an option. Any advice or suggestions ? Am I really being dramatic for not wanting to be home when he is?
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I assume your parents believed you about the stepbrother doing this?  

I think they probably don't feel they are in a position to listen to your complaints that he should not be living in the same house as yourself.  Either there is a situation with his mother that they are not enlightening you about or something else is going on.  It's too bad because you feel invaded.  But possibly one thing to keep in mind that might help is that he could have been trying to do that for reasons that don't have to do with him being a little perv and peeping Tom as much as possibly wanting to show off to his buddies.  (They might be filming their female relatives, for example.)  That doesn't make it better, but it might keep you from being frightened of him.

Anyway, I'd make plans to move out.  By that I mean, move in with a friend during summer vacations, or move out to college and don't come back.  It's possible to go to school full time, summer and all.  You would finish faster than many, and you could get a job and an apartment after that.  If your parents disagree with this, tell them it is because you do not feel comfortable with your stepbrother in the same house any more.  They can hardly argue that you don't have a reason.
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So just to be clear,  there was one incident a year ago and has anything at all happened since then?

I'm actually quite surprised this doesn't happen a lot more often - and maybe it does - with the constant access to recording equipment that young teens have.  

Since you don't believe he will do anything else,  I think it's time to put this in the past.    
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Its normal, what your step brother did is normal. Especially at his age. He's not your real brother, if He was He probably wouldn't have done it. If I had a really hott step sister I would probably be straight forward with Her if I Liked Her.  Instead of what He did. He definitely needs to grow up, and You should really get used to guys doing stupid stuff like that, alot of guys are really immature and stupid. I'm 23 so I usually don't do stupid stuff like that at all.  But there was a time when I was young and didn't know better, you should really move on and just get a mature and responsible boyfriend that truly loves you so your step brother doesn't do anything like that ever again.

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Hi, You should maybe find him a nice girlfriend, also Maybe play some Ed Sheeran songs for him. If your daughter is good looking what He did is pretty common except for maybe a ten year old. I'm 23 and I would never do anything like that at this age, I usually go out to have some drinks and talk to people. That's where I usually make friends and meet girls. I'm sorry for what your dealing with hopefully He grows out of it.
One of my comments belongs in a different post, my apologies; I cannot find the delete button.
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