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20 year old daughter breezes in and out

My stepdaughter who resides in our home refuses to give her mom/us her boyfriends address. Mom asked for addresses of all of her friends just in case of an emergency. She explained to her that if anything were to happen, we'd need to know where to look expecially if the authorities needed to get involved. She freely offered up her other friends (all which happens to be girls ) but refuses to give up her boyfriends residence. Mom asked the boyfriend for the address also but he also refused and insisted that he'd call the police if we continued trying to find out. Ok, is this an unreasonable thing to ask for and are we being overprotective /overreacting, or are we just trying to do our jobs as parents to keep our daughter safe?

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There seems to be a lot left unsaid behind your question; the comment that she "breezes in and out" does not sound neutral, and the reason you give is that you are going to possibly need to call the authorities?  Does this happen with all of her boyfriends?  The boyfriend refused to divulge his address and said he would call the police?  Why don't you just call one of those places on the Internet that does background checks?  They will get you his address, and it isn't very costly.
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Sorry but Overprotective, I'm sure she wants to feel comfortable at her boyfriends house, and not thinking about how Her parents might be popping up out of nowhere or spying. I'm 23, I'm a boy, and my parents still do the same thing to me, that is an easy way to make your children feel uncomfortable and putting a wall between you and them.
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