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How to handle 18 year old daughter wanting to date a 28 year old man.

My 18 year old daughter recently graduated high school. She has a four hour a week job working in the church nursery, and even though she took drivers Ed, she still does not have her license. She is emotionally immature, but very book smart. She recently attended college classes through a program to help her adapted more easily to college life. She met a 28 year old military man and has been sneaking around talking and who knows what else with him. She was found out and has asked me to meet the gentleman to give him a chance. I cannot fathom what a 28 year old man can see in an 18 year old girl other than a "hook-up" until he leaves for Japan...in three weeks. I understand she is of consenting age...I've told her she cannot see him, but I'm just not sure that will be enough to halt this relationship. I'm looking for advice on how to handle the man. My daughter lives with me, but a man of 28 isn't as easily controlled. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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As you say, she is of age.  She could even get married if she wants.

It is possible that this 28-year-old is not out for a quick hook-up.  You might find that he is as good a match for your daughter as any other guy.  By all means meet him (and believe me, it is a good sign that she would like you to).  Your restrictive approach now is only going to have the effect of convincing her that they are Romeo and Juliet.  
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She is 18. Inlet her live her life before you push her away and lose her forever
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I think She should find someone mature and who truly loves her regardless of the age. I'm 23 and I usually have to talk to girls my age or older just to have normal and casual conversation. I think she would definitely be better off with someone that's not only mature but actually loves her and wants to take care of her.
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I know this is an older post, but just wanted to chime in with something. I was 19 when I met my husband..he was 31. My mom didn't like the age difference, but she eventually gave him a chance. She saw what I saw; a loving, caring, compassionate, hard working, stable man. We have been married for over 10 years now, he's my best friend and greatest joy. Don't assume this man is after a booty call...he may be an awesome man! Get to know him, see how he really is, give him an actual chance without judgement. He may end up being the best thing that ever happens to your daughter :)
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