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Pregnant daughter acting crazy

Hello my 22 year old daughter is approximately 3 months pregnant and acting completely crazy. She is accusing her mother of cheating on me which isn't true at all. She tells her sister that she won't be around her kid because she is an alcoholic pill popper which she is not. Currently she is not speaking to any of us. I tried to reach out to her to smooth things over and she got mad and hit me with her car. My biggest concern is her relationship with her mother. They were very very close before all the lying started happening and it truly hurt my wife to the core. I'm not sure what I need to do next.
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She may be experiencing a lot of stress and this is coming out in a negative way with mood swings.   I assume this is a complete 180 from before she was pregnant?

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I have seen more than one family member go completely insane in early pregnancy. In one persons case magnesium helped greatly because she had a hormonal imbalance. She was very violent and cruel like your describing and then her daughter was the same way 25 years later. Adding new hormonal surges to stress, can be overwhelming. It will probably pass as she enters the second trimester. Warning I have notices it seems to start up again in the third.
Now I notice a date I can see this inormation is too late to be of any help.
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No worries!  Many people read posts for a very long time after the original poster asked their question.  Your insight can help the next person searching for help in this type of situation they are having--  so always good to comment.  Thanks for trying to help!
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