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i am mother. is it right or wrong that my son 20 years old see my body when dressing or sleeping?
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I think there are boundaries there that shouldn't be crossed.  If he accidentally walks in while you are changing or needs something from your room while you are sleeping that stuff happens.  But I would be concerned with an adult son who made an effort to see you naked,  or a mom who purposely was naked around an adult son.  

Is that what you're asking?
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No effort done from him. But sure accidents walking usually happens
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It should be discussed tactfully with your son, that he should not enter the room when you are changing your dress as you are disturbed. Some time it is a curiosity to see a naked female body.So it is better to talk about it.
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but i am his mother
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Manana,  I can't tell what you're statement "No effort done from him.  But sure accidents walking usually happens" means.

Are you saying he's unintentionally seeing you naked - like,  you walk around naked when you don't think he's there,  or you don't shut the bathroom door?
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for examples i tell u situations:
i stay watch tv and he was in his room long time. usually i be with dresses exacly above knees. but after time i was sitting watching tv leg on leg and this dress was pulled up as all my legs was seen and suddenly he came out from room.
may be sometimes changing and he enter. or sleeping and he enter also
Is he able to see up your dress?
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