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9 months old's schedule.

Just courious as to what everyone's schedule is for their 9 month old. Ours had been working great for a few months but now Trinity seems tired alot and fussy. Wondering if it's time to tweak it. Plus I just thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else is doing.

Here's what we are doing:

7:30 AM  Wake up and nurse (after that she gets a sippy cup of water)
9AM Breakfast (after that we keep her sippy full w/ breast milk all day)
10AM Nap
12PM wake and have Lunch
2PM Nap
3PM wake and have snack
6PM Dinner
8PM Bed
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Yeah, I gave my older 2 water also, and so I thought it was weird when my Dr told me it wasn't neccesary. It has helped w/ her hard stools though.
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No, no one told me to give him water....it's just something I did the first time around with my older son.  He won't drink milk (either formula or breastmilk) in a cup, so I give him the water after he's eaten his lunch and dinner because I figure he's probably thirsty....and he gulps it down.  Plus, since he won't drink the milk out of a sippy cup, giving him the water was what gave him the opportunity to learn to drink from a cup in the first place :)

As an aside....my 4 year old still just drinks milk or water - he's never had juice.  We've offered it to him - when he was older, no longer an infant, and he's refused it every time.
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Well, I decided to throw another snack in Trinity's scedule, after dinner. It seamed to help, she's sleeping through the night again.

Limonada, Did your Dr tell you to give him the water? I have asked my Dr and she has said it's not neccesay, but I started doing it because her stools were so hard.
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p.s. Gil usually sleeps through the night.  If he does waike up, he doesn't get anything to eat.
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Here's Gil's schedule:

7:15am - wake up (has cereal with fruit for breakfast and then some breastmilk - in breast form, he's not a bottle or cup man!)
9:30am - drink of breastmilk then nap
12:00pm - wake up from nap, has a veggie or meat and cereal with fruit for lunch along with some water in a sippy cup
2:00pm - drink of breastmilk then nap
4:30pm - wake up from nap
5:30pm - dinner (usually a fruit and 2 veggies) along with water in a sippy cup
7:30-8pm - bedtime (4ozs. of formula taken via medicine dropper - I TOLD you he didn't like his milk in a bottle or cup, lol!)

Any/all of this can fluctuate, depending on what's going on during the day....but this essentially what we do and when we do it :)
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We aren't too strict on our schedule either, but for the most part Trinity stays on schedule.
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Here is Ryder's schedule:

6-7: Wake Up. If Ryder woke up during the night, then we give him 2 oz of formula in a sippy cup. If Ryder did not wake up during the night then we give him the overnight bottle - 5oz of formula.

8:30 - Breakfast - fruit mixed with rice/cerea
After breakfast - 5 oz bottle
10-11:30 - at some point Ryder takes a nap. He is not a great napper and his morning nap usually lasts about 15 minutes.
12ish - lunch - fruit and vegetable
1ish - 5 oz bottle
2-3:30 - put Ryder down for a nap. No exact time. Again, Ryder fights the nap and will usually only sleep 30-45 minutes.
3:00ish - 4 oz bottle and puffs (snack(
5:00 - dinner - chicken/tofu, vegetable, fruit followed by a 4 oz dinner bottle

Sunday, Tuesday, thursday and Fri or Sat are bath nights. Bathtime is at 7.

7:30 - 8oz bottle; we read Ryder 2-3 books; he is asleep by 8.

Overnight bottle - 5oz

As I wrote this I realized that we don't have a set schedule according to times. During the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner are about the same times. Ryder goes at least 3 hours between bottles until the late afternoon bottle. Because of this, we switched to 4 oz bottles for his afternoon snack and dinner bottles. Ryder is not a good napper during the day; but he is usually a good sleeper at night.  
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