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Baby wants to eat all the time

My little one is 5 weeks old today, and she will not stop drinking the bottle, she will take a full 4 ounces if I let her(than spit up alot), than an hour later she wants more, is she really hungry or could it be gas? She does sleep 3-4 hours between feedings at night, this eating over and over happens in the early mornings and afternoons. Any suggestions.
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My son ate every hour or two until he was almost 3 months old.  I nursed until 5 months, so not sure on the amount, but he was constantly hungry.  It was like he was always on a growth spurt.  But, in his case, it was normal and healthy.  He too would spit up a tonne, but didn't have reflux..he was just a hungry little bear..lol.  Eventually he slowed down...and mommy got some sleep..lol.  Just a different type of situation.  I would most definately mention it to his Dr.  
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Babies love to suck and can take more from a bottle than they need because they like to suck and the milk comes out so easy.  3oz is a normal intake for that age, but every baby is different.  Have you tried giving her a pacifier after 3 ounces or after the 1st bottle.  It is also possible that she has reflux.  Babies can confuse stomach pains for hunger.  Does she spit up a lot, squirm when eating, arch her back often, get fussy - especially in the evening, or drool a lot?  If she has reflux, then you should talk to her pediatrician.  My son started on zantac at 8 weeks and it really helped his reflux.
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