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Breast fed gassy/cranky

Aubryana will be three weeks old on Tuesday. She's been more cranky and gassy the last four or five days, and spitting up...I got gas drops and she burps a LOT now...I'm not sure if it's cause I've been stressed (having DH issues) or because of something I've eaten...she's strictly breast fed, every two hours during the day and every three at night...???
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From the beginning Brady has been very gassy. I've been told by my midwives and doctor that babies are just gassy sometimes. At first he would be really upset if he had a lot of gas but now that he's grown and his intestinal tract is maturing...it doesn't bother him as much. He didn't and still doesn't burp much but he sure toots a lot! LOL So sometimes I have to do some baby yoga or exercises to help get it out.
Don't give her too much of the drops....I only give Brady drops when he literally is screaming about it and the exercises aren't working, I don't want him to become dependent on it in order to get rid of gas.
The best way to burp and really get it out is to sit them on your lap, hold their head in your hands and pat the back. At the same time sway them side to side. That helps. And a nurse showed me that tickling them up the back will sometimes get them to straighten out and get it out too.
I think babies definitely can feel your stress but I'm not sure if that would make them gassy.
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Yes mom's stress can make a baby more cranky and whinny. Not sure about the gassiness but I would not be surprised if the stress is also a factor. Best to resolve your DH problems ASAP...
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