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How much weight are babies supposed to gain by 2 months?

Faith is 8 weeks old today and her 2 month appt is next week, i was wondering how much babies are supposed to gain by then. unfortunately she is mainly formula fed, since one of my breasts won't produce hardly anything and when she empties the other she just screams and won't latch back on, i have breast hypoplasia and im one of the %60 with breat hypoplasia that doesnt produce enough milk to exclusively breastfeed. It tore me apart but after seeing her scream because she wasnt getting enough and not gaining fast enough i understood that i had to give her formula for her sake. wasnt my first choice but atleast she's getting what breastmilk i can give her.
So my question is she was 6lb 3 oz at birth and 6lb 5 oz at her two week check. She is now 8lb 13 oz, according to my electronic kitchen scale that i use for weighing baking ingredients, its never let me down when weighing accurately.  Does it sound like she is gaining enough or too much?
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apparently my kitchen scale is way off from her wiggling, cause she was weighed at 9 weeks and weighed 10.4 and she is going up on the charts fine. way to over worry myself lol
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weeks 0-17 they should gain 5-7oz a week and gain 1" a month

weeks 17-26 4-5oz a week and 1" a month

weeks 26-52 2-4oz and .5" a month

breastfed babies tend to gain more the first 6 months then gain slower then formula fed babies as formula fed babies hold water weight.

they look at the babies growth curve if they are gaining properly, no matter what percentile they are in it is just not good to fall off thier growth curve. They have a growth chart in the trackers here on you profile for your little ones. I have one for my littel guy but haver it set to private.

I think she is on the small side and should be gaining more then she is. Just remember that the American accadamy of pediatrics and worls health organization says to not introduce foods including cereals till age 6 months!! There is no factual eveidence it will help your littel one gain and in fact the formula and breastmilk has more calories and nutrients then foods and to give foods will actually be tkaing vital nutrients for growth and brain developemt away. I say this as some dr's will say to give foods if abby is too big or too small but they are going AGAINST what they are supposed to follow!
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