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Rice Cereal in babys bottle

Please no judging or critisism...

I have started putting rice cereal in Jennas bottle...she is 7 weeks old this saturday....We have changed her formula from Similac Neosure to Gerber Good Start Protect as Similac kept her constipated and I want to make sure she keeps gaining weight...

Can someone tell me how to mix it properly without having to change her nipple..

I have been doing 1 teaspoon in a 2 oz bottle and 2 teaspoons in a 4 oz bottle...I dont want to make it really thick just give it a little more consistancy..

Anyone else giving there baby cereal in a bottle please let me know how you are mixing it ...
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I'm glad she gained weight! Hopefully the constipation has passed as well!
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Thankfully I have decided against cereal in her bottle...

I tried it but realized that she was eating less of course because she was full from the cereal and after realizing that there are only 10 calories in a tablespoon of rice cereal and since I was only putting a teaspoon in her bottle she was missing out on way more calories than she was getting...

Please know I was not putting the cereal in her bottle to make her sleep longer or go longer between feedings...I was trying to add more calories to her diet to make her gain weight...but I have noticed she has gained more WITHOUT THE CEREAL..

Thanks for replying
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No judgement....but why are you putting cereal in your baby's bottle so early? There are many reasons why you shouldn't hun. I've heard of it and people do it but not until they are older.
Especially if your baby has had constipation problems, rice cereal is only going to make it worse. If you are worried about weight, then add a few more ounces of formula a day.

Read this for some info: http://www.helium.com/items/1310300-starting-baby-on-cereal
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