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Teething at 12 weeks already?

Brady is 12 weeks and has been excessively drooling for about 2 weeks. He's been a little bit more cranky the last few days. I'm not sure whether he's teething or not. I don't see anything coming up but when he's cranky I put teethers in his mouth for him and he likes to bite down on them. He will chew his fingers a lot since he can't put things in his mouth on his own yet.
If he is teething, how can I help him? I feel bad because he can't put things in his mouth by himself and I'm hesitant to give him tylenol if it's not teething and he's just being regularly cranky.
Any suggestions? Is it always the front bottom teeth first or should I be looking all along his gum line?
He's also gone back to waking up twice in the night. Usually goes to bed between 7-8 and then gets up again around 2 and then 5.
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babies can teeth for months before they actually get teeth. My cousins girl had 4 by the time she was 3 months old and at a year has all her teeth ecpet for the 2year back teeth. My son has drooled since he was 2 months and the ped said he was teething but he is 7 months with no teeth adn just now has started having swollen gums at times.

The best thing to get him is a Teething knecklace, they are made from raw amber and amber stops drooling, red face, diaper rashes, inflimation of the gums, pain etc.. they are also good for tummy trouble and acid problems. It has been used for centuries! I have yet to get Henry's but everyone I know who has used them has never had the above issues! I had one for my other kids and they never got a fever or any trouble with thier teeth! Henry has and I can't wait to get it in the mail! He has had pain form it I think poor baby.

You want to look for raw amber, the more uniform shpe and shinnier means they boiled the amber and it will have less healing properties. You can get them on ETSY and EBAY has some good ones. There is one that has a tag of authenitication but I know nothing of that user just the "TOP RATED" user. They have braclets/anklets for younger babies like your littel guy and the necklace for older babies and children. I actually have one for myself for reflux and acid problems and it helps! I can not go a day without it! Great for heartburn during pregnancy too!

Hope this helps!

OH when they are bigger carrots the big ones with the ends cut are good and cold to chew on, Also the little ones you can put them in the feeder bags, they look like rattles but you put chokable foods in them, I put baby carrots in it for him and he loves it! A wet washcloth put in the freezer is good to and you can hold it for him. I knot it and he likes that.
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Franky started doing this at about 2-3 months same symptoms that you are describing and it's been off and on with the drool being constant ever since.  We go through about 5-10 bibs per day...lol.  He is 6 months old and still has not cut a tooth, but I can see the two bottom right under the gums for a while now.  I would always just hold a teether for him before he was able to hold it himself, and check his temp to make sure he doesn't have a fever (if he has a low grade I will always give him a little pain reliever).  Other than that just distract him and try to keep him comfortable.
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Ryder got his first 2 teeth at 4 months.  He worked on them for at least a month..same symptoms your describing.  They can bother them for quite some time before they actually make an appearance.  Another MH member told me to try Baby Advil, alternating with baby Tylenol (as per directions of course) and I found that worked best for him.  The Advil has an anti inflammatory and it really seemed to help.  Also, a cold wet washcloth worked best at this age as he couldn't hold onto a teething ring very well.  

His first teeth to actually erupt were the 2 bottom middle, followed by the 2 middle top.  Oh, and I tried the orajel...awful stuff.  He hated it, and it didn't seem to bring much relief at all.  

Good luck to you!!
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most start teething 4-6 months, but some do start earlier than that.  
almost all start with the bottom 2 middle teeth, but some start with the top middle teeth.  the teeth do come in starting in the middle and working towards the back.
if he is really fussy, i'd try giving him tylenol and see if that helps. definitely continue with the teethers if he likes them.
and you can always call your ped for advice.
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