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literature study on sleep

Sadler S.
Sleep: what is normal at six months?
Prof Care Mother Child 1994 Aug-Sep;4(6):166-7. In this study, part of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood (ALSPAC), researchers surveyed the parents of 640 babies. Some of the results:

•Only 16% slept through the night at six months old -- 84% were not sleeping through the night at 6 months
•17% woke more than once per night, ranging from twice to eight times
•5% woke once every night
•9% woke most nights
•50% woke occasionally
•16% of six-month-olds had no regular sleeping pattern

I also read another studay that followed babies from birth to a year and the babies that had slept more through the night woke up more at at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months and a year the same as abbies that did not slle as much through the night.

The studies found that babies are intended to wake up, feed and cuddle during the night past a year and to have parents to help get them back to sleep as apposed to self soothe. The study showed that self soothed babies acually wake up more and for longer periods during milsetones and did not get to a deeper state of sleep as fast as babies that were given BF or given a bottle and rocked or patted. It showed that homes that had more light, drapes were not drawn, etc.. babies that had lots of light natuarl light in the day moreso in the afternoon were more likely to get beeter sleep the babies without as much, little or no natural light. It said abbies benifit from not having frapes drawm for naps as it interferes with the bodies sleep patterns.

THought this was interesting info, and the stuff I wrote later was on like I think there were 11 studies on the site and I just posted the info up top of the one. So the other stuff I put was on the others.

I am sure not all of you agree with this but don't shoot the messenger:)LOL just passing the study on
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i like this web site as well as dr sears web site as far as easy to find studies!
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wow i never knew any of that...the time frames make sense for DS completely though. What was the website that all the studies were on? I'd be interested in looking at the other ones too.

Thanks for sharing :)
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