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9 year old daughter with dizziness, fainted, and confusion

My daughter just had a scary incident and I’m not sure what I should do. She’s 9 years old. This incident happened two nights ago.

She got really dizzy and fell. She seemed confused when it happened and got really scared. This happened with her aunt, she didn’t see her fall she heard a loud thump and went to check on my daughter and my daughter was trying to get up with the door knob, that’s when she looked really confused and didn’t seem to know exactly what just happened at first and then when she snapped out of it she told my sister in law that she got really dizzy and fell and blacked out (fainted)  My sister in law was scared and came downstairs to tell me.

What would you do? Has anyone else had any experiences like this with your child?
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I like this article:  https://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/lightheaded-top-5-reasons-you-might-feel-woozy  Low blood sugar and dehydration are on the list.  With the age of your daughter, those can be likely reasons.  The others, not so much.  But take a look and see what you think.
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https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/orthostatic-hypotension/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20352553  That's some information on it.  We fixed it by making sure my son worked on hydration and ate at more regular intervals (especially when first waking up).
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Hi there.  This actually happened to my son a couple of times and once where he fell and hit his head on our stone counter on the way down and gave himself a black eye!  We went to the doctor and they said he had orthostatic hypotension.  Kind of that thing where you stand up too fast and get dizzy but amplified.  For us, it had to do with blood sugar.  His blood sugar was too low.  It usually happened after it had been a long time since he ate as well as he was dehydrated.  Could anything like that be going on?
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Thank you so much for your comment. Possibly could be blood sugar. The ER didn’t even check blood work but she’s not dizzy due to standing up fast like a head rush. It’s more like random dizziness throughout the day it’s never because she’s changing positions too fast or getting up quickly.
Okay, got ya.  My son had it when walking across the room and wasn't seated right before but in general, it happened most frequently after getting up and walking away from area he was sitting in.

But, I have read that low blood sugar can cause dizziness like you describe.  Does she eat often?  
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