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Compulsive behavior

My daughter who is now 8 years old has had a problem with compulsive behavior. I have actually been talking to doctors about my concerns since she was a newborn. It all started when I was pregnant with her (Yes Really). She was my second born and I waited 4 years to get pregnant again. My first symptom, I was so hungry in my pregnancy with her I waould eat literally every 15 minutes. I woke during the night to eat atleast 6 times if not more. I would eat a full meal and feel full for about 15 minutes if that and I would have to eat again and i'm not talking little snacks I am talking full on meals! When I spoke to my dotor about it she said that it was normal to become very hungry in pregnancy but, I had a child 4 years before I was never hungry like this in my other pregnancy. Now let me tell you I am a very small woman, I am 5' 1" barely and I weigh anywhere between 110 lbs at the very most 115 lbs. At the begining my my pregnancy with her I weighed 115 lbs and at the very end I was only 132lbs. but, she weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. and was only 20 inches long. Compared to my older child who was 7 lbs. 8 oz. and my last child who was also 7 lbs. 8 oz. this is a big difference. Now, my daughter is 8 years-old and we have experienced her stealing food and this has been on going for years now. She is getting kicked off the bus because she continues to eat on the bus. She drinks constantly and she pees alot. I have had her tested for diabetes and I am doing it again. She also is a compulsive liar. She lies about everything and anything. Even if you know what the truth is she lies straight to your face. Example: she was caught eating on the bus again just yesterday because she wrapped the empty food wrappers in her spelling test that had her name on it. When confronted about it she insisted with tears in her eyes that someone else wrote her name on the paper and it wasn't hers yet it was her hand writing. I could go on and on with examples but, I don't have enough space. Can I please get some HELP! We are desperate at this point I lay awake crying at night because I don't know what is wrong with her. And so far neither of my other 2 kids have had any of the symptoms she has had. HELP; HELP; HELP. Thank you.
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Hi, sorry I have been really busy lately too. An update with my daughter is, she will be seeing the doctor in the coming weeks. I am not very excited though only because we have been to so many doctors and we have gotten the same ole stuff, "She's a growing girl they eat a lot"; Maybe she is seeking out more attention"; and my favorite one, "I think you may be overeacting". I get that one from everyone including my Husbands family. My daugther has been kicked off the School bus so many times I can't count for eating. We have recently removed everthing from her room except her wall hangings and bed/ bedding. The reason: I went into her room on Sunday to help her clean it and whenI opened her dresser drawer I smelt pee so badly I almost vommitted. Guess what I found in her drawers? A toy cup that had definetly been peed in and several pairs of peed underwear she stuck them under her clean clothes. We don't ever punish her for wetting the bed ever, yet she continues to hide it from us. We are really getting to a point that we are not sure what to do and we have a younger daughter who is only 2 years old and we really don't want her to copy this behavior and she worships her sister. Thank you for responding to me I really need someone to talk to. Also, your e-mail is not visible to me on here it only shows ***@**** but, thats alright. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you again.
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Hi Anna,

I have been so busy lately and just got your reply to my post...we do have some things in common!  I would be glad to talk to you through email.  ***@****
I'm really really REALLY busy right now  but I will try to keep up with our correspondence- it really helps just to be able to talk to someone about this stuff.  Hope I can offer some support to you and your family!
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