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Four year old— public restroom help

Every time my Son needs to use the restroom, he has no problem doing so. The issue is that it public restrooms are not designed with small children in mind. Imagine if you were a little boy walking into a restroom and everything was oversized and way out of his grasp

my son is really small for his age. Literally everything is out of his reach , and to add insult to injury, most places don’t even have a stepstool available, i’m not sure how little kids supposed to reach the soap or sink or paper towels if they are by themselves, especially if your child is short for their age.

so there my kid is, unable to see what he is
doing above the counter, Fossetts are too far, paper towels and/or hairdryers along with soap dispensers are a good foot or two above his head. He is going to have to grow quite a bit to be able to reach these items

The issue is Im new to all of this parenting stuff, I can’t find a comfortable way of holding my little guy up to the sink to wash his hands. And I don’t want to put him up on the dirty counter.

so my question— How do you lift your kid up to the sink?
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Put some sanitizing wipes in a sandwich bag and carry them with you when you take your son out to eat or to the grocery store and then wipe the countertops before and after your son washes and dries his hands.'  Then I would bring this issue to the attention of the managers of the places you patronize with your son - the mall, the grocery store, and any of the other "bazillion" places you take your son.  I don't think the price of a stepstool big enough to allow your son to use the bathroom would be a deal-breaker.
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How do you hold your kid up to the sink while also helping them wash their hands, without Setting them on the dirty counter?
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