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Today I saw my son (22) naked and I don't know how to talk to him now

I usually go into his room to tell him to have dinner or to help me with something and he is always in boxers.  That has never bothered me but before he was not so nudist so to speak, he was very shy but when he turned 21 he started to be in his room in boxers and he wears them very tight although I tell him that another are best or comfortable is better but he likes that ones. Those boxers that he wears do not leave much to the imagination and sometimes he is with his erect member as if he was masturbating and I have never mentioned it so as not to make him feel uncomfortable but as I say he began to raise his tone of nudist. Yesterday I entered his room to tell him to come to dinner as usual but this time he was totally naked with his thing erect and I didn't know how to react (last time that i saw him totally naked was 3 years ago he was changing in his room and he covered up i said sorry and i left, we never talk about it), I was impressed and I don't know why cause I always saw him but with boxers. He did not realize that i was standing there because he was lying looking the roof with eyes closed and with his headphones at full volume then i just touched his foot so that he would notice that i was there and he opened his eyes but did not cover it, I was surprised, like I say he has always been very shy, He never let me see him naked or with boxers or towel he was very shy, and these last 2 years his nudity has increased 'so to speak' and I was surprised that he did not cover up so I told him why he was naked and he told me that he had smoked a little marijuana (I already knew this, I have always let him do it while he rests, when he works I don't allow it) and he told me that he made it very hot and took off his clothes and then i ask why he was aroused and told me that was for the marijuana i dont know that if is real or he was inventing things and I told him that He "took care" I know he does so I suppose he also knows that I know.  He told me that he couldn't because he felt very soft and when he touched himself he couldn't (i think he was high) and he told me if I helped him touch himself. I was in shock for a few moments and I said no that I am his mother, and although he insisted I said no, that he did not know what he was saying because he is high, I left the room and went to mine thinking about everything.  This happened last night, he works in the morning and arrives in the afternoon, I don't know how to talk to him about this or if i just let it pass.

Should I forbid him to use marijuana?
Why do you think he asked me that? 
Should I take him to the psychologist?
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