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chronic fevers

My son (7) has been sick since November with fevers and different illnesses.  He started with bronchitis in November which led to pneumonia.  Once that was "cured" he got another fever again and was told it was a virus.  that passed.  He again got another fever he was diaginosed with scarlet fever in January.  Onced that was "cured"  he got fever in February and was told it was a virus and it should pass.  It has not passed.  I just recently went to the Dr.again and he now has a sinus infection.  Should my son have all these fevers.  They never go away.  Once they go away a week or two passes then the fever returns.  Are they really virus or is this something more serious?
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I'd ask the doctor if he can have his heart checked for any possible hole between two chambers.  Sometimes that can cause all kinds of infections in the body.
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I think you have to put this question to your Doctor and tell him how concerned you are and would he do some tests .Maybe he needs his Immune system building up,may also be a good idea to ask if other children at his school get sick, as the germs are passed around , this has been a bad year for sickness . how about you get some supplements with anti oxidents,Vit C  B complex  also fish oil ..good luck
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