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i hate myself

my 8 year old son is taking startara 40mg  and whenever in terrible lately has been saying that he hates his life and want to die.  he is doing good on this medication could this be some what normal?
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its not doing good if he says he wants to die ...so I suggest that you ask the Doctor about it and the dosage ..hes upset by something ...
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According to the web,  Strattera carries with it a "black box warning" - the most serious warning a prescription med can carry and still be on the market - that strattera has been linked to suicidal thoughts in children.

I agree with Margy - I would call that doing terribly on strattera.  I'm not quite sure what behaviors strattera has helped with,  but a child with new suicide thoughts are about the worst thing I can think of.
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Hi there.  Yes, a black box warning is something to consider.  I also think it happens that kids with add/adhd can become depressed.  Whether triggered by the med and suicidal ideation occurs or whether it is on its own.

If your child is talking about death and dying in any type of serious way, this is considered a medical emergency.  Whomever prescribed the strattera, I'd assume a psychiatrist, should be notified and then you go from there.  At times, kids do need some inpatient help if it is found that they are serious about their threats of self harm.  Do not let this frighten you or deter you from seeking help for him.  As I've known many children that sought the psychiatric help they need and then come out on the other side of recovering from their depression.  This can be exactly what a child needs.

He's letting you know that something is very wrong.  It may be med related for sure.  But it would still need addressed beyond just stopping the medication.  So, please call your doctor as soon as possible.  good luck and peace
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I agree with marg and specialmom completely.
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