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sleep issue in 7 year old

My son has had a regular sleep pattern since he was born. He sleeps with a lamp on and has always been able to go to sleep as soon as he goes bed.
During the last few months it has become increasingly difficult to get him to bed let alone to sleep. On a school night his bedtime is 8pm and then friday and saturday he goes to bed at 9pm, sometime to watch a film sometimes to sleep. He has started where he doesnt want to go bed and when he does he cannot get himself to sleep. I have tried stories, sitting with him, relaxation cd's and tv but none seem to help. He gets very frustrated with himself and ends up upset and stressed. We aways have a quiet time before bed to help switch off.

he has no other problems that we know about, he seems happy a school and at home though he can at times be insecure about being left thoough we have no idea why, he has only ever been left with his grandparents or close family friend all of whom he gets on well with.

Any advice would be gratefully received, he isnt getting to sleep till gone 10 and then gets tired during the day.

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   There are many factors to consider in sudden changes in sleeping, among them would be: medical conditions, diet (caffeine or chocolate being big culprits), activity level around bedtime, and having a good routine to prepare the body to rest for the night. It sounds like you have considered these potential problems.

     Sleep problems in a child this age are often related to anxiety. Once you have gone through the process of elimination in ruling out possible causes, it is time to visit a psychologist to determine if your son would benefit from having a professional teach him self-soothing techniques. If you son is grappling with specific fears, a psychologist can help help him learn to cope better so he can rest.

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