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Breathing Problems associated with Parkinson's Disease

I have seen a number of postings on this forum regarding the difficulty breathing experienced by individuals afflicted with Parkinson's disease. My 74 year old father has Parkinson's and has difficulty breathing. He appears to struggle to exhale, almost as though he is holding his breath. He complains that he feels like he is going to explode. Sometime he can be talked out of it by telling him to exhale and modeling the behavior (breathing out a large breath). His breathing issue is getting worse and it is horrible to view. We have made numerous complaints to his doctor and the nurses at his nursing home but no solution has been found and I perceive no sense of urgency on their part. The consensus is that it is emotional and anxiety based. The symptoms do seem to show themselves when he experiences stress. He is taking Ativan which has provided some relief in the past but no longer seems to work. I would be grateful if others who have experience this could offer any insight. Are you aware of any treatments or medications that have worked or provided relief. Thanks in advance.
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Hi There.

It's interesting I came across your post.  I've been searching the internet for similar conditions for my mom. She has Parkinsons and has had it for only 4 1/2 years and has recently been getting breathing problems.  

She complains that she can't breath either and her nose seems to be clogged and she thinks her heart is going to stop.  Her pressure also increases.  The doctor today said he thinks it's anxiety, but these symptoms come up when her meds are wearing off.

I know your post is fairly recent, but wondering if you have found anything for your father?  How is he doing?   My mother has been taking Ativan, but the doctor recommended Buspar today so she won't get addicted to the Ativan, also it does seem to stop working after a while so he is recommending the other drug.

Keep me posted about your father and I will do the same if we come up with anything that helps.

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Exhale out, once per second, with a little force, through the nose, as if blowing your nose.The breathing in will happen automatically.
Do 60 to 300 exhalations twice a day.
This is kapalbhati pranayam.
Let me know your progress at some point, if you follow this technique.
December 30 ,2011
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My mother has developed the same problem.  Periods of rapid shallow breathing that leaves her fatgued and unable to communicate for days.  4.5 years since PD diagnosis.  Dr. would like to try adivan and see if its anxiety orbphysiological in nature.  Did the adivan work to alleviate your mother's breathing issue?

On another note, my mother has also developed nose drooling.  She experiences times when her nose just seems to pour like a faucet.  Have you seen this with your mother?

Hope you can shed some light.  
My mom too has the shallow breathing that incapacitates her.  She has to lie down and nothing seems to relieve it.  We have tried anxiety medication but it does not seem to help.  She has been recently prescribed Nuedexta to see if this will help.  She really is having breathing issues more than half of the day now and she has the Duopa pump.  We are wondiering if anyone has found a way to cope with this - like other posts, there seems to be no urgency to her condition and she continues to get worse.   Hoping anyone with insight can provide advice.
are you having any luck with Nuedexta>
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