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Cold Sweats

My father was diagnosed with PD at age of 83...4 yrs ago. The disease is taking its toll. One of the more intolerable symptoms are cold sweats nightly. Interrupting sleep having to change out of wet pajamas sometimes twice a night.

Any advice on how to better manage these exhausting sweats?

Thank you...
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    This  is a clinically complex concern to manage. In this article
part of it details cold sweating: /www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22593985
in  Parkinson's and how it responds to treatment. The doctor should  be able to access the full text of this article which is otherwise available as an abstract.
   As treatment of the more clinically complex aspects of Parkinsons is just beginning to be  understood the best type of doctor to follow up with Parkinson's is a neurologist who is a movement disorders specialist.
   Organizations such as the National Parkinson's Foundation
might be able to help with referrals, informational literature
and support groups where people can share coping tips.
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