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Managing Parkinson's

I am 43 and have have been on medication for 6 years.......first 3 years taking a dopamine agonist drug and last 3 years sinemet along with the agonist. When everything works......I am symptom free. Important factors in the equation are sleep, diet, stress, exercise and taking your medication at the right time.

I find a bottle of coke and a bar of chocalate can give me a boost. A MacDonalds chese burger meal with coke is great. Do not eat canned foods or drink any drinks from a can.

Alcohol is to be avoided but wine and beer are ok in moderation. Avoid spirits.

Jumping up and down if you can will work wonders for improving back rigidity.

Sleep in a bed with no metal in mattress.

Drink plenty of water.......I prefer tap water.

Neck exercise is important. When exercising my neck......I am aware of crunching and clicking. If you manage to release the tension from your neck this can have a miraculous effect on your body rigidity. Walking up and down a stairs is great exercise also.

Red meat in the form of steak or burgers is great for energy.

Strong coffee with two spoons of sugar is great for energy boost.

Smoking a cigarette can work wonders for waking up your brain and getting rid of slurred speech.

I avoid pork and proceesed meat like cooked ham. Cooked ham can leave me immobile.

Some of the above may seem controversial........red meat and cigarettes for example. But this works for me.

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