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Off and On period

I am a female 72 years old and have parkinson for 8 years. I take 8 sinemet (25/100) tablets and 2 selegiline tablets  daily. I go through on-period, dyskinesia, off-period, with difficulty in breathing. I read in the posts that difficulty in breathing  could be due to lack of medicine in the body. I would like to know if people take more than 8 tablets a day, how to distribute dose of 8 tablets during the day, with food or before/after food, what kind of food will increase/decrease the effectiveness of the medicine, and any other advice from patient perspective. Would appreciate all the information you can provide.

Thanks very much.
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I take several different kinds of medications, Requip, Amantadine, Stalevo, Sinemet, and I also take Fluidrocortizone - This helps keep my Blood pressure stable, my autonomic system has been effected. When I was off My blood pressure would sometimes drop very quickly, than my body would try to recovery quickly causing my chest to tighten I felt as if I couldn't breath. I would advise that you keep a journal for a few days keep track of when you have these spells your medication timing and maybe track you blood pressure if you can. Than speak to your Doctor. Good luck
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My mom had the on/off syndrome quite badly. I would have to lay on her legs during the off time as they would fly around so badly I was afraid of her hurting herself. The dyskinesia was really bad so my Dad and I went on a search as to what helped her meds and what did not. We found anything with vitamin k such as green leafy vegetables and seafood was something she could not have as it made her meds wear off too quickly. She took her meds with a piece of toast and then waited an hour to eat. this worked well for her.
Everyone is different though. try talking to your doctor to see if it would be okay to experiment with taking your meds with or without food to see if it effects you differently.
Also nuts were a big no no with my Mom.
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