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Im 34 years old, female that has been to the dr yesterday. I have been seen by a chronic illness dr for the second time and based on a phyiscal evaluation they are leaning towards Parinsons here are my symptoms and I have an appointmnent for an MRI on Jan.3rd and Im scared out of my mind. Please advise based on my symptoms, thanks!
Ive already been diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon for the hands and feet just an fyi in regards to the coldness and color change of the fingers and toes. But the rest is all related to PD from what I was told yesterday and now that Im out of shock Im trying to swallow such a hard pill and it's scaring me.

My symptoms
Tremors of the hands, feet and legs. Sometimes my hands and feet get really numb and then they start to tingle.
Urinary difficulties; meaning I have trouble with urinary tract issues
Fatigue; I'm sleeping around 8 pm and then waking at 3-4 am and then sleeping most of the day and then sleeping again at 8 pm and it starts all over
Difficulties swallowing; I have to take a drink to get my food to go down so I'm constantly drinking liquids during all meals. I also have to have a drink at all times because my mouth feels like its sand paper when I wake up or if I haven’t had a drink of water or whatever within 5 minutes from the last drink.
Ive been forgetful more so than usual. I constantly have to set reminder alerts on my cell phone to remind me of appointments or to take the trash out on trash day. I can read a book but I can’t tell you what I just read. I can’t even tell you what I did from a week ago because I can’t recall it.
My muscles are stiff and I'm always tense and when I go to relax the tremors start on the right side of my body.
I do have constipation on a regular basis
Anxiety is high at times
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Waiting for solid answers when some weighty possibilities have been mentioned has to be the hardest thing. Hopefully after the MRI they'll give you any results in a timely manner. You know, all those symptoms don't have to come from a singular diagnosis. Maybe they do, but you really could have a few different more minor conditions at work. Have you been evaluated for the individual symptoms? For instance, the thirst - checked for diabetes? The difficulty swallowing - been evaluated by an ENT doc? Sleep issues - had a sleep study? Fatigue - Thyroid, diabetes, sleep disorders, anemia been checked? Memory trouble - common with some sleep disorders. Anxiety - not unusual with some sleep disorders. What about meds - could any of your symptoms be side effects of a med? I've had a med cause involuntary movements. I have a sleep disorder called Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, and the trouble it caused with my legs and lower back had the doctors stumped for a long time. Sometimes the answers can be elusive, but the process to diagnosis is often by process of elimination. Hang in there till you get answers.
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We've been through the process of elimination and its been an ongoing thing for a few months now trying to find out the diagnosis so to speak. Its truly a nightmare and time consuming. I will be prescribed a med called Levo something and if the tremors stop we know its PD and if they don't stop we know that it is not PD. I just want answers so that I can get on with things and I have two children and a husband and this is very scary if you know what I mean and Im sure that you do. Thank you so much for your input it really means a lot!
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