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Wife with Anxiety and Depression Overwhelmed

I suffer from anxiety and depression. My husband has Parkinson's. How can I handle his choices of driving or doing dangerous work? I can't control all his actions. He is an extremely stubborn person. To what degree am I responsible for what he chooses to do? With my health, I can't go on with this overwhelming feeling of responsibility to control his choices!! Thanks for listening and your encouraging advice and understanding. I'd like to hear from those with Parkinson's themselves, as well as caretakers and others.
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My Mother had Parkinson's and her doctor said she could not drive anymore and he contacted the State Troopers. They pulled her Drivers License. Do have power of attorney for your husband?
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I agree with one comment about it being the Cerebral Spinal Fluid in the brain. I think too much spinal fluid, which sometimes is from a head injury or a condition from birth. Research Hydrocephalus. I do think stress affects the fluid and bubbles too
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