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parkinsons syndrome

My mother was diagnosed in the beginning as having Parkinsons Disease because she had several of the symptoms.  Now they say it is parkinsons syndrome (drug induced probably by risperdal or abilify).  How long approx will it take to see if it is realy Park Disease or Drug Induced Park Syndrome.  She is on medications such as Mirapex, lithium, lamictal.  Please help.
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I have drug induced parkinson's syndrome as well.  my prayers are with your mother.
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Hi Evie,

I just saw your question.  This interests me greatly because I'm beginning to think the same thing is happening to me.

I came across this article yesterday while doing some research;  The patient was a 74 woman and the drug in question was Trazodone.  After they stopped it, at two months she showed normal  was much improved;
at six months her gait and muscle tone were normal, and at ten months the signs of it were gone.  The url so you can read this is:


I thought it was extremely interesting!  I have my next neurology appt. next week and it will be interesting to see what he has to say also..

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