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shaky hands

hi there.i just turned 20 this march 26 and i am a female.i have had shaky hands ever since i can remember and it usually occured only when i was nervous and tensed or when i hand to stand up and say something in class.but just recently,last year arounds september time till date i have been experiencing a more severe shaking of my hands.last year the doctor confirmed i had low calcium level which may be the result of the shaking but it seemed not to work and then it was changed into a different calcium tablet that i started takin in february an dhad to stop on my own because the shaking was becoming unbearable.
whenever i am the least bit nervous it triggers the shaking and the shaking could be quite obvious most times.and other times even when i am not nervous it happens to me and i cant even take apicture with aphone using one hand because the shaking is visible and i have to support it with the other hand.when the shaking occurs i always feel waekiness in my hands and i dont seem to be able to control it.ithe shaking could go on continously fopr almost 3 minutes on a good day and sometimes for upto two hours.i onced experienced the shaking all over my body and that made me reaally scared please help me i beg.please
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