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Help needed for TSH & CBC Test Results

My mother (age: 55+ yrs) is a patient of Hypothyroidism. She had Goiter earlier, for which she had undergone surgery in Jan, 2000, due to which one full & another half of her thyroid glands were removed. She currently takes Eltroxin 50mcg daily. Recently she had a TSH test, which shows a value of 4.38, where normal lab range is 0.27 - 4.2. Her previous TSH test had been done in Oct, 2007 where TSH was 3.01 in a lab reference range up to 6. Since her current TSH level is a little higher than normal, our doctor advised her to take 75mcg of Eltroxin instead of 50mcg.

Couple of months back she had a fever with cough. As advised by doctor, we have done her CBC tests, results of which are mentioned below -
Haemoglobin : 12.1 (Range 12.5 - 16.00)
Packed cell volume : 37.3 (R 37-47)
RBC Count : 4.17 (R 4.2 - 5.4)
Mean corpuscular volume : 89 (R 78-100)
Mean corpuscular haemoglobin : 29 (R 27-31)
Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration : 32.4 (R 32-36)
Total leukocyte count : 8900 (r 4000 - 10500)
Neutrophils : 74% (R 40 - 75)
Lymphocytes : 18 (R 20 - 45)
Eosinophils : 03% (R 01 - 06)
Monocytes : 05% (R 02 - 08)
Basophils : 00% (R 00 - 01)
Platelet count : 1.5 lakh/cu.mm (R 1.5 - 4.5)
ESR : 88 mm/hr (R 0 - 30)

Recently we have again done her few tests, results of which are mentioned below -
Current haemoglobin : 11.4 (R 12 - 16)
Current ESR : 29 mm (R < 30 mm 1st hr)

Couple of months back, she developed a high BP (160/110), for which medication (Olsar 40mg tablet) has been started. After one month BP shows 135/80 & after two more months, it shows 120/70. Also, she has osteoporosis due to vitamin-D deficiency (around 14 ng/ml), for which she is taking medicines (vitamin-D, potassium & phosphorous tablets) as per advice of an orthopedic doctor. So, overall, are we on the right track in terms of the treatment & is there anything to worry about ?
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Hi Saikatde,
Sorry for the delay in response, I've had a busy clinical month.  This isn't my area of expertise and any questions about treatment plans or medications should be moved to an internal medicine/endocrinology forum.  If you have a specific lab value that you are concerned about I would be more than happy to help.
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If you scroll down and look, no doctor has been here since April 20. In my opinion this forum should be closed as it is a big disappointment.

I hope you mom does well. I can't help as I am not a doctor.
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Can you please respond to my previous questions ? Thanks.
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