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I think I have Vitamin D Toxicity!

I have MS and started supplementing with high dose vitamin D3 over 10 years ago now.

I read several articles giving conflicting advice about the optimum level of D3 supplementation for MS patients. At first I was aiming for 80 nmol/L, then 150-200 nmol/L and I even read an article suggesting that vitamin D3 toxicity only occurred above 500 nmol/L.

So I relaxed my guard, stopped having 25OHD tests and I gradually upped my intake of D3 supplements such that I've been taking 10,000-15,000IU per day for the last 2-3 years. I recently got tested and my total vitamin D level came back at greater than >375 nmol/L (exact amount wasn't given) and so I've stopped taking my D3 and calcium/magnesium supplements now. I have some symptoms that could be attributed to vitamin D3 toxicity as well as the MS or other things, such as acute constipation, fatigue, muscle weakness, backache, grit in my urine, pains in chest, however my adjusted serum calcium level was normal at 2.54 mmol/L.

So anyway, my question is, how long will it take for my D3 levels to fall within an acceptable range now that I’ve stopped the supplements?

I’m getting conflicting advice, one says 2 weeks, one says 3 months?

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Thanks for your reply John

I took my last supplements (D3, calcium, magnesium) on the 10th March and I'm planning to have a 25-OHD retest on 9th April and then go visit my doc if it's still too high.

I haven't actually seen my GP yet because it's expensive to visit him where I live and I don't think he'd recommend me taking high dose D3 supplements for my MS or know much about it.

I was just trying to put my mind at rest with my question, but I guess repeated 25-OHD tests are going to be the only way to find out how long it'll take my D3 levels to fall.
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Hi there,
I'm sorry I'm having a tough time finding an exact number to give you.  Doe your doc know that you've stopped taking it?
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