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should I be worried?

my last blood panel came back and one doctor was concerned, one was not.
WBC 8.2giga/L
RBC 5.5 tera./L
hemoglobin 162 g/l
Hematocrit .49
these were the ones that concerned one of the doctors
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Hi Sandiblast,
I'm guessing that the hemoglobin is what was concerning.  Are you male or female?  This number is elevated, but the question would be what is causing this elevation.  The causes are numerous and too long to list here.  Nothing else would have caught my eye though.  Are you docs doing any follow up testing?  Did they give you any reasons as to why they were concerned?
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I am a female, 63. The doctor who was concerned mentioned blood cancer, my regular doctor that there was nothing to be concerned about and that I have had this reading for over a year. guess it is okay. after a year I would have been pretty sick by now if there was a problem. thank you.
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