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Does this little one need surgery or genetic testing?

A little boy at 5 months (he was abandoned) had a surgery due to blocked duodenum and it was also noted in his file that he had VSD d-4.8MM, PDA d-3MM and PFO d=2.4MM).  He was also noted to have Hydrocele.  Do these things have to be related?  He doesn't show any features of having downs.  Do you think all three of his heart issues could heal with time or would surgery be necessary.  We hope that he can live a active normal life.  Also, it's not as easy to get him tested or to a doctor due to his circumstances and location.  He is 14 months now.
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Hello there,

Most congenital anomalies are caused by genetic and mutations. Often time, multiple anomalies can occur at the same time.

Unfortunately, you son needs to be operated in the future. As of now, he/she may not show any symptomps as the blood flow move to the right side of the heart due to the holes. However, in the future this can cause cardiac and lung failure if left untreated for a long time. You need to google eisemenger syndrome.

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