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Heart rate doesn't recover after intense exercise

My 16 year old daughter is a basketball player.  Her heart rate gets up to around 200 when she is playing which is not excessive.  However, sometimes it remains elevated when she stops playing, long enough to make her light headed and on 4 occasions in the past 3 years she has actually passed out.  She comes to immediately and we are able to get her heart rate down by having her "bare down" like patients with sinus tachycardia .  

She is in overall good health and is in shape to play basketball.  She has no weight, cholesterol or blood pressure issues.

Her pediatric cardiologist determined she had no structural issues.  She had a stress test with no signs of tachycardia and she also wore a halter monitor for 30 days with no issues found.

She has been cleared by a neurologist as well.

I have noticed a correlation of the timing of her episodes with when she is growing.  Recently I've noticed that ithey occur when she stops running abruptly and iher head gets below her heart and she stands back up.  Tonight she was tripped and says she felt fine when she fell but when she went to stand back up she passed out.  Her pulse rate was around 200 and took about 10 minutes to get back down below 100  She feels much better once it gets down to 165 or lower.  The incident happened with about 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and she felt well enough to play in the 4th, had no episodes and even landed a 3 pointer!

We are at a loss as to what could be causing this.  I think our next step may be an endocrinologist.

Any suggestions or similar experience?
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