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Is pregnancy safe after open heart surgery?

I have posted my question elsewhere, and was directed here, so hopefully someone can help. I was in an ATV accident in 2005, I was 21. I suffered many injuries one of which was a torn aorta. In one place it was completly torn in half and another spot there was a small tear. The surgeons replaced about 3 1/2" of my aorta. It has now been 6 years, and I am ready to have a child. I have seen several cardiologists over the last 6 years. Some have said that it is safe to have a child, but that I would have to be monitored very closely, the others said flat out that it would kill me. I desperatly want a child, but due to recent events I am unable to do either foster care or adoption, because I was recently diagnosed with bipoar 1. I could use any help or advise anyone can give me on this issue. Thank you.
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Hello and welcome to our site. It seems that you have seen several cardiologist and all that has done is to make things more confusing for you. Try and see if you can be seen at a University Hospital, one that is well known for their cardiac care. Many women have children after open heart surgery, even women who have had heart transplants can have children, but to have had a ruptured aorta may be a totally different story. You need to be seen at a facility where women facing this type of issue are also seen and cared for. Take care
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