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My son is 7 and passed out twice in three weeks

The first time we my son was playing his first ever traveling team ball tournament. He is the only one from his town so needless to say he was nervous but they did have a few practices so he had met everyone and his cousin was on there. It was 9:00am warm but not overly hot he had plenty of Gatorade and water (he had the cooler in Duggout) after each inning the coach is great about making sure they drink lots of fluids. Anyway after the game he was complaining about his tummy hurting. He sat in the chair and waited till his next game we put frogtoggs (cold rags) around his neck and on his head he said he was feeling better after about 45 min give or take the boys went to warm up. He passed out and started vomiting uncontrollably. Again got him payed down and cooled off he seemed to be fine but went ahead and cam home. Once we were in the car he seemed fine and cried for not being able to play. We wrote it off as a stomach bug. Now today we were at my other sons ball game. Yes it was a lot warmer and now at 2:00pm my 7 year old was not playing not running around. We had just ate and he had a Gatorade with him. He was watching some other boys play ball. I hear my daughter yelling at me and he had passed out again... we took him to the ER his EKG was normal he showed no signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion. Dr said his blood work look fine and he may have vasovagal...... please help we meet with his pediatrician in the morning but I can’t sleep should I worry about an underlying problem what test can they run? Is this serious? Yes I asked all these questions but was to to follow up!
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