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Please help with my 12 year old son's echocardiogram results

My sons cardiologist said that there's no medication she can prescribe or other treatment. We are waiting to get a bipap machine approved to help with his sleep apnoea. Please look at the report below, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Weight: 64kg
Pulse: 95 beats per minute
BP: 95mmHg (systolic)
ECG: sinus rhythm; with negative T waves in V1. QRS axis: +110 degrees  The findings indicate RV strain

Echocardiogram findings:
RV moderately dilated; measure 26mm on 2D
LV ed 51mm LV es 26mm.  Septum 10mm Posterior wall 7mm.
On 2D the septum measure 11mm
Pulmonary valve root measure 36mm on 2D
Right pulmonary artery measure 23mm
Aorta ascendens measure 22mm
Trucuspid valve : annulus measure 27mm ; all three cusps are prolapsing with trivial T.I. (gradient measure 23mmHg)
Mitral valve has no significant prolapse ; annulus measure 24mm
Aortic root is not dilated

1. The ejection fraction is less than a year ago; it measure 62%.
2. Left ventricle size is upper border of normal. Septum is mildly hypertrophied.
3. Right ventricle is moderately dilated; tricuspid valve prolapsed has increased from mild to almost moderate. T.I. is still the same.
4. The pulmonary valve and pulmonary arteries has dilated significantly.
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It appears that his left ventricle is has deteriorated slightly from the previous test, but is still within normal range. And the right ventricle prolapse has increased but is still functioning sufficiently. But the pulmonary valve and arteries are dilated.
For the left and right ventricle: both are still within normal range, though worse that when he was last tested. Treatments options are limited and are usually reserved for if the heart cannot work sufficiently as medications come with there own complications. It is likely the doctor just wants to monitor him for now.
For the pulmonary valve & arteries: The dilation is most likely a symptom but may be treatable. You could look into pulmonary valve conduits (http://www.medtronic.com/us-en/patients/treatments-therapies/heart-valve-repair-replacement/contegra-pulmonary-valved-conduit.html)

Overall, it seems like this test shows that his heart is still within normal range, which is likely why he was not prescribed anything.
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