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Struggling with VSD's

Hi all,
I am new to this site and to cardiology issues but looking for some answers.
My daughter is 13weeks old and diagnosed with 2 small (3mm) holes at 6wks old. She has always been a sleepy baby but once woken fed well (upto 180ml x 5 feeds/day). For the past 2 weeks her sleeping has increased to the point where I have to wake her for all her feeds and once feeding she falls asleep during the feed. I push her feeds constantly waking her during them but I am lucky if I can get 100ml into her. Breast feeding is now way to strenuous for her so I express and feed her from a bottle.
She also has episodes (1-2 times a day) of going blue around her mouth and her arms when asleep, and almost every time she gets upset.
She has been gaining good weight but I worry with the decrease in feed amounts this will change.
I can't get in to see her cardiologist for another month and my GP offers little advise other then she needs to be reviewed.
I am concerned that although she wasn't showing symptoms of the VSD's she now is and if a month is too long for her to be reviewed.
Thanks in advance,
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