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VSD and the Cartoid Artery

My 3 year old son was recently in the hospital to get his tonsils and adneoids removed. They had to stop the procedure b/c the surgeon thought he had an aneurysm on his cartoid artery at first so they sent him for an MRA. The test showed that he did not have an aneurysm but his cartiod artery is basically attached to his tonsils. He said that my son can NEVER have the removed and that the radiologist kept telling him "you really dodged a bullet with this one" My son also has VSD since birth and I was wondering if the 2 conditions have anything to do with each other. I was also wondering if there's any extra risks to my son's health. What if he runs with a straw and stabs the back of his throat and almost severs his tonsils like I did when I was a kid? Is there a surgery or surgeon that can put his cartiod artery back where it goes? Please help.
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