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a stupid question about a child's size

I know this is  gong to sound stupid and I hope i can explain what I want to say.
my son is 5 and will be 6 in Nov.  as you may have seen he does have cardiac issues. he is the size of a 3 year old (according to his exams he is between the 20th and 24th percentile for both height and weight.  I know your organs "fit" your body size, however i know when kids get older the cardiologist looks at things different. like HR and other things. I am not sure if pressures are measured by age too. Chris has RV pressures that are increasing some.
my question is the way the heart functions, do they look at age, or weight of a child. so I guess what I am say is Chris is small do they compare his heart of that of a 3-4 year old or a normal 5-6 year old.  you know what i am saying, I hope.
thank you
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They would be looking at his age, Michelle. If you really think about it logically, how would they be able to compare size? My daughter was also small, at 3 she was wearing 18 month old size clothes and it took her almose 2 1/2 years to finally triple her birth weight. They never considered her size, only her age for testing results. The EKG complex changes with age as does the BP and HR.
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well I was just wondering, i know it didn't make sense, but I am still knocking out my brains with him

hey I actually got a video of him running around a very small gym, i taped for maybe 15 minutes or so and with in 30-45 seconds of him running he would have to stop for a minute or two. one point, actually when he first ran for 32 seconds he came of grabbing his left side of his chest complaining. so now i get to wait until the 30 of OCTOBER to show his cardiologist and talk to them face to face about all of the happenings
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Michelle did you tell his nurse that you have a video of this? Maybe he can have a look at it in his free time and then give you a call? Does Chris still have the loop in? Does your PC ever just return calls and talk directly to you? I know our doctors always have.
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okay lets see, yes he still has the loop recorder. I called his PCP cardiologist 2 weeks ago and both were on vacation, last week and he, the PCP called back saying he would try to get a hold of his cardiologist's office and go from there. the nurse called me and she said we should get together and regroup. I thought it was due to the findings. she said because I sounded concerned. i said you think?? no one is answering my questions and I told her how he can run for long and how I got it on tape and she said well we aren't convinced that this is caused by his heart I asked her what it could be she said his asthma. I told her that 2 pulmonoloigst and an ENT all state it is heart.his lings are clear when this happens you even have it documented.  so i said would love for the doctor to see the video she said i bet he would too. I said yeah is he going to actually look at it he has never looked at ANY THING I have brought over I have brought documents from school, speech and other doctors so is he going to look at it? he sees cardiology on the 29 of October.   I want to speak to his PCP to see if he can't get anywhere for me he is suppose to call tonight an dI know he will I want to show him the tape and look at his records, they don't go back and review them and that is part of the issue
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Hi momtofourboys, grendslori,

It's been a quite a while I am not into this forum but I hope you remember me. And, I always appreciated yr support. I was just reading this thread of yrs and thought to share the similar story of my daughter's height/weight. She is the smallest in the class. She just turned six but she looks like 4-4.5 yrs old now. I have been worrying for her size - as you know she too had two surgeries, food pipe and heart related. This time, I went to GP my concern regarding her growth and the doctor suggested to do blood test, requiring Urea & Elecftrolites & Creatinine, Glucose, thyroid function tests, full blood count. Since I do not have medical background, I don't know what these are. I wonder whether these include taking her blood for test? Other than her ht./wt. she is normal now. Please suggest should I go for the test? I feel scared for any tests....

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Welcome back, sang1973, Yes, all of those tests you have mentioned have a blood draw  The tests you have mentioned are a full screening of her blood: blood chemistries (creatinine, BUN wil check for for kidney function, the electrolytes will check for that as well things like sodium and sugar which is the glucose. The full blood cound checks for things like the red and white blood counts, platelets etc.) If you have concerns, this would be the first step to seeing if there is a problem.
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Thank you so much for your response grendslori. I did not realize that my query got answered long time back. I was awaiting for email prompt...which I did not get. It was my mistake indeed.

Since my daughter fell down and had some injuries, I was waiting for her to recover from it. Now, she is okay but still have no courage for blood test - in fact I don't really like putting into any tests. She is completely fine except my concern of her size. Do you have any idea about the food which helps weight gain, I wanna try this first.
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