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9 year old daughter, bone age 13.5 years

my daughter was diagoned for procucious puberty, at age 7, she was on lupron for 3-4 months. then she got sterile abcess and doc decided to put on her synarel nasal spray. she is on synarel from a year now, but last week when doctor did her bone age it came out to be 13.5, and she is 9 years and 3 months. but her blood work ( hormones were supressed) was normal. she is 4 feet 9 inches, and getting humatrope 25 mg, dose is 12 clicks now ( before was 8 clicks).
doc asked me  to start lupron again, I want best for her so I said yes, but i am confused. what can be other options. whats about supprelin ( chip). i more worried about her height, how tall adult she will approximatelly be,  doc said something about increasing GH dose. how much  GH can help her.

i would really be thanfull for your time and help
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I would also consider starting lupron, make sure that whomever is mixing and giving it does it thoroughly and slowly to avoid the sterile abscess, there is also a daily leuprolide that she can get and I have had to do this for my one patient out of all my girls who got multiple sterile abscesses, the main worry we have is that there is resistance to the treatment once you get the abscess. Keep on the growth hormone and hang in there, goal is 4'11" or 5' tall and you can take a sigh of relief-I would also consider treatment for her longer than others like till age 11
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