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Fasting Glucose

Please may I have some advice on Fasting Glucose results?
My daughter is having a blood test tomorrow for Glucose and Sex Hormones (She is a teenager with Ovarian Failure). As a consequence she is 'off' her BCP and has been for nearly six weeks. Please, how may this affect the Glucose results?
For my daughter, 'normal' means being on BCP/HRT - she'll need to be on HRT for the next 35 yrs! However, I have read that BCP/HRT elevates results... Would my daughter get a false result as a consequence of being estrogen deficient at the time of testing or moreover is she at increased risk of having elevated results go undiagnosed as a result of being off her BCP at the time of testing?
Your advice would be very appreciated, thank-you.
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You are asking if coming off of replacement hormones can give an artificial drop in her glucose level. Honestly a random glucose level is affected by steroid hormones in general but should be still in normal range regardless. So if you are on corticosteroids rather than female hormones this will raise your level if you are unable to make the appropriate insulin response. In your child I would not worry about this. It does not change things. Interpretation is as follows regardless of whether she is on or off of replacement hormones
fasting glucose <110
random glucose <200
2 hour after carb load or glucola <140
all of these make us feel better that she does not have diabetes which I think is what you are worried about.
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