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Hashimoto's antibodies and danger to infant?

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd pregnancy but my first with Hashimoto's disease.  Yesterday my Obstetrician told me that there is a risk of antibody transfer through the placenta to the unborn fetus - affecting the fetus thyroid funcion.  If this is the case can it be treated in uterus?  I am scheduled for more fetal growth scans and I'm concern that this will cause premature (emergency) birth due to fetal growth development and also what the outcome will be after birth with mental development.  Any advice or information will be greatly appreciated
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There is more a risk if you have Graves Disease, much much less risk of the antibodies causing problems if indeed it is Hashimotos disease-these antibodies can actually go down with time in some patients-a much more benign disease. So discuss this with your endocrinologist-be sure of your diagnosis is clear so that monitoring can be done, if you are delivering in the US we have state newborn screening on all infants for thyroid.
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