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Letrozole? bone age advancement

My son started early puberty at age 7 (pubic hair, acne, body odor)  - I think it's actually called andrache and not acutally precocious puberty.  Regardless he is now 12 years old and has always had an advanced bone age by about 2+ years.   Although he is quite tall now 5'4'' (95% on growth chart), because his bone age is so advanced and due to the andrache he will not have the typical growth spurt and will stop growing much earlier than other boys.  His predicted final height is 5'8" which I know doesn't sound totally terrible but this isn't his full biological potential.  We will be starting a drug called Letrezole, and from what the doctor has told me and what I have read it sounds like exactly what he needs which is more time.  Letrezole delays bone maturation, but has been widely use for this purpose to date, so it is quite difficult to find information on it.  I was wondering if there is anyone out there who might already be taking the drug that can advise regarding any side effects, and can advise if it worked well for their child.  Or basically share their story.  I think it sounds like an amazing drug (opportunity), that more people should know about just in case it's right for them/their child.  I know that my pedeatric endocronologist just heard about this drug at a recent conference she went to, so it's fairly new out there for this purpose.   Also if the doctor on this forum can find out anything I would love to get and share more information on this drug.  Especially if you have info on any clinical studies where Letrezole was used alone (without the combination of Testosterone or growth hormones) which is the case for my son.   Thank you.
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Letrozole is an estrogen blocker per se, prevents the conversion of the body's male hormones to estrogen and therefore slows maturation of the bones,It is used in breast cancer and tends to lower the body's estrogen and may raise testosterone levels, it is sometimes used with growth hormone.  however it can also affect the liver and use of it is controversial in regards to its true benefit. A bone advancement by 2 years is very very mild and if this has remained and not advanced beyond this over time he is even better off than those whose bones advance even more than their age with time. A predicted height of 5'8" sounds ok but needs to be assessed in comparison to his midparental height, is this genetically appropriate and if so I would not go with treatment, if you are on letrozole then chances are you are in the hands of a pediatric endocrinologist who has experience. I tend to use it rarely-1-2 patients in our entire practice to block the effects of estrogen in girls with a rare kind of early puberty.
Adrenarche is what you are talking about, the adrenal gland kicks in a little earlier than normal giving us some expression of normal but annoying male hormones causing body odor, pubertal hair growth and some advancement of bone maturity, however, obesity itself can advance the bones as well and I would seriously look at the weight to be sure that the weight is controlled well, rapid weight gain and increased insulin production can also stimulate bone maturation and also adrenarche is influenced.
I would make your decisions along side your pediatric endocrinologist, they have worked with you and your child for 5 years now and know him better than I do, they know what is best and can best answer your questions.
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