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Medullablastoma survivor age 11

Our young son is now almost 8 years out from the captioned, with no evidence of recurrence.  He does have significant problems with balance, nausea and irritability and has cortef and thyroid replacement.  In order to deal with the symptoms he was put on megace, and while it has helped it has also caused huge weight gain.  With his disabilities from chemo (neuropathies, etc.) the extra weight (130 pounds at 4 feet 8 ") he can barely get around.  How do we wean off the megace without the symptoms starting up.  He is currently taking 30mg a.m. and 20 mg at night, and 10-15 mg of cortef daily.  Also synthroid, (88 mcg) and various other meds like abilify for mood.  We know that its mostly the megace that drives the appetite and weight.  
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