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PUbic Hair in 8 month old girl

I just noticed my daughter has very light hair on the labia majora. She is a big baby, 98th percentile height and weight, breastfeed and just started solids, I (the mom) am on synthroid 25 mcg. Because of my thyroid condition and her weight gaining her thryroid has been tested and it came back normal (when she was 6 months old). I am really concerned that this is serious. Will the hair just fall off eventually or she will need special treatment and screenings? I made an appointment with her pediatrician, but I would like to educate myself first.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
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Pubic hair in an infant can be due to the adrenal hormones surging or it can be due to a metabolic problem, fortunately most states in the US have a newborn screen test that screens for the metabolic problem called congenital adrenal hyperplasia. But that being said I would recommend that any newborn or infant or child under age 8 be evaluated for early pubic hair, in your child's case a pediatric endocrinologist just to be sure all is good.
She sounds well in everyway, lets hope it is just body hair and her hormones are all quiet.
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