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Type 1 diabetes toddlers

HI, I was wondering what the sypmtoms, signs were of  type 1 diabetes in an infant or toddler, my 31 month-old girl has multiple issues. I wonder if  you think she could have diabetes, and what testing should I ask for?  She had problems from infancy, blood and mucus in stools at 6 weeks, still happening, colonoscopy at 18 months showed no sign of where blood coming from. Severe food allergies, anapyhlaxis to dairy, nuts, etc. I have celiac, so they tested her IGA levels, and they are totally absent. Nursed til 1 year and was in 85th percentile until intro of  foods.  Refused to eat until 10 months, then finally started to eat fruits, veggies, wheat, rice cereal with pure maple syrup to sweeten. Stopped growing at 10 months, til 20 months, then gastro doctor took diet down to brown rice pasta, potatoes, chicken, olive oil, and added Neocate, then she grew, grew ,grew., caught up now, and tolerates low sugar veggies, like cauli. When she was having fruits, veggies, cereals with pure maple, diarrhea most days, excessive thirst, excessive urine, blisters along lips, blisters with recurrent chronic yeast rash on bottom,  at 13 months, dermatitis on scalp starts to appear, still here, and getting far worse in last couple weeks, as well as lip blistering, and yeast/rash starting again on bottom, as apple, blueberry, and allergy-free cookies have been re- introduced. Her sleeping and behaviour are all of a sudden upside down. She is hyper, irritable, excessive crying. Do any of her symptoms sound like type 1 diabetes? And is it likely in someone with IGA deficiency? Should I ask my ped. gastro to see endocrinologist? They thought for several months she maybe also had Hereditary Fructose Intolerance, but she doesn't throw-up when ingesting sugar, which would be a marker for HFI. Please any advice would be appreciated.
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As SLR33 mentioned it is doubtful that she has diabetes from your description, our kids with type 1 have abrupt not usually chronic symptoms and this is usually vomiting, really sick and weight loss and drinking and urinating a ton.
Her symptoms sound metabolic and she is with a pediatric gastroenterologist, sounds like they worked her up for allergic colitis and now with low IgA levels the celiac tests are hard to tell, however with recurrent yeast infection my concern is actually polyglandular autoimmune syndrome, these kids have chronic yeast infections, low parathyroid, adrenal insuffiency and at times can have other autoimmune disorders, work very closely with your peds gastroenterologist and perhaps an immunologist, also consider testing for thyroid and ask them to get a random cortisol which is the stress hormone the adrenal gland makes to be sure,
Screening for diabetes is simple if you have a child without overt symptoms, urine is the easiest method, and they can dip it for sugar, however with a fructose intolerance she may be leaking nonreducible sugars in her urine that may cross react, a blood test called hemoglobin A 1 C is the test that can help assess how high her average sugar has been over the past 3-4 months, this will help tell if she is having abnormal glucose levels in a chronic way, but without the symptoms mentioned this is very doubtful, I would work with the allergist/iommunologist, gastroenterologist closely, I know she is not completely better but it really sounds like you are in good hands.
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Hi...I am not a doctor, but I pretty much know everything about Type 1 Diabetes. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and am now 34 years old. I have two little ones as well (4 year old girl and 21 month old boy). My biggest fear is for one of them to get my Disease. I have had extensive conversations with my Endocronologist (She is one of my closest friends), so I know she tells me stuff “off the record”. From reading you case, I do not see any indication of Diabetes (Thirst and urination go hand in hand, and also accompany many illnesses). When you are sick or have a lot of health issues you crave extra fluids and the more you drink the more you have to “Go”. Those are the only real indications of Diabetes that I see in your case. If you want to rule it out all you need to do is a simple finger ***** test to test the level of sugar in the blood. Your pediatrician or any doctor can do the test. As a mother I would do it just to rule it out, but as for the symptoms I want you to know that it doesn’t seem like your little one has Type 1 Diabetes (For a little peace of mind)! It just sound like she has several allergy problems. I am sorry, it is had enough having a healthy child...Hang in there, This too shall pass........
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