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...second opinion...part 2

I posted this reply yesterday but I'm not sure if I posted it right, I did not see it.  Thank you.

Thank you for your reply.  To answer your questions, he was tested at one time for celiac and did have his thyroid tested.  The celiac test was normal and the thyroid was essentially normal I was told.  I don't know numbers.  I was told that there was a slightly "off" number but the ped. endo. told me that it was not a big deal.  I wish I knew that number so I could relate it here.  His birth weight was 6lbs 12oz and he was 18 1/2 inches.  He was born 18 days early, and was healthy and had no problems after birth.  He grew at a pretty steady pace and was actually quite chubby for a baby until about 10 months of age when he drastically slowed down.  And regressed developmentally in some areas.  He has continued to be delayed developmentally in some areas and congnitively average.  He has sensory intrigration disorder and verbal apraxia.  He also has a handful of allergies to the environment and foods and also has reactive airway.  I throw all those out ther because I'm not sure if those would play into any diagonsis.  He is number 4 of 5 children.  The ages and sizes of those children are; 9.8 year old girl, 52" and 57 lbs; 7.9 year old boy, 49 1/4" and 50 lbs; 3.6 year old girl, 38" and 32 lbs; 5 month old boy, 25 1/2" and 16lbs.  My husband is 5'11" and 165lbs and I am 5'4" and 135lbs.  My husband was not a late bloomer (I was told that the same sex parent can indicate timing for puberty in children).  I (his mother) was a little late.  I started developing at around age 12 but did not start my period till I was 15.  Do you take the opposite sex parents development into play with that?
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With your height and dad's the midparental height for your son and all of your sons is around the 50th percentile or about 5'10 inches, now 2 full standard deviations either way is 4 inches so this means that at the 10th percentile is 5'6 and that is the shortest genetic variation that is acceptable. Your child is below the 3rd and you are describing some developmental problems. I would stick with your peds endo, eventually once they establish a growth velocity, by seeing him in their office and plotting measurements they will make a decision about gh stim testing or other testing, like imaging or metabolic testing that can relate to develomental delays.
Yes, if you have history of pubertal delay this is still taken into account but at this time not something I am considering, I am more suspicious of his growth given he was on the chart as an infant and decelerated, I am sure your peds endo agrees but also knows that we have time to make up our minds about treatment path. Hang in there,stay with them and go at least every 4-6 months for remeasurements and assessments.
Glad to hear that thyroid and celiac were normal but if they were a little off if it were me I would be repeating it at another visit-but that's me
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