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Bone age

My sister's child is 3yrs 2 months old. Having underarm odor since last few months. No other signs of puberty. Seen by the family physician and had bone age which is 3yrs and 10months. When do you say the bone age is advanced? When do you say bone age is delayed? Is there any cut off?
Thank you for the help.
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The bone age sounds good, not advanced. This is one way of seeing inside the body to look at how hormones are influencing things, but the goal is not to see an advanced bone age and to catch things before the bones advance. So body odor alone with no hair in pubic or axillary area is not so bad, but we still want to evaluate this for the earliest sign of a hormonal inbalance from the adrenal gland hormones. These make male hormones that change the odor of nice smelling baby sweat and give it the classic stinky body odor smell we all fear. Glad they did a bone age, I would either have her monitored very closely for any sign of pubic or axillary hair or even ask the family doc to call the pediatric endocrinologist to discuss any labs that might be helpful and supportive while we do watchful waiting.
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Thank you for your answer.
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