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Tilted Heart

My younger sisters is a single mum of three. I have had the privilege of helping her raise them for the past thirteen years. From day one the second who is now twelve had what was thought to be colic, at three months we put him on a none dairy formula and he seemed to start settling down. Less gas and little fussing. His vomiting stopped and he began to eat better.
At this point the Doctors thought they had missed a dairy allergy.  
By school age we notice that he was always thirsty, experienced frequent dizzy spells and become short of breath easily. Last year we received a call from the school informing us that he had fainted in class. At this point he was tested for diabetes which came back negative and it was chalked up to dehydration. After this me made he has water with him at all times, but still the same symptoms accrued. Soon he had little interest in his sports activities as it caused him what he described as chest pains and dizziness.

Last week he was diagnosed as having a tilted heart and is going in for more testing to see if his heart is enlarged.

Five months ago my sister and the kids moved to another province and are now preparing to make a big move back home to Australia(the kids were born in Canada). Could this stress be a contribite to his heath at this time? He has
always struggled with anxiety which as a younger boy manifested itself in the lose of bowl funtion. This has not been an issue for a few years now.

What would be the medical procedure if his heart is enlarged? medication or operation? I am not looking to worry any of my family, but to prepare myself emotionally for my sister who wears her heart on her sleeve. When it comes the kids she is not able to hold a poker face.That is my job.

Concerned untie and older sister
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