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3-3.5 mm of perimembranus vsd with LT to RT shunt

My daughter is only 40 days older and docs found 3-3.5 mm perimembranus vsd . they said it ll be cured itself by age .. is there anything beter to know about this situation ?
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Dear Sunny,

The things to know about a VSD is that if she is eating well without getting out of breath or getting sweaty, and is growing well, she is tolerating the VSD without problems.  If she does start having these problems, she may need medications to help her deal with the extra heart and lung work.  Without seeing her, I cannot tell specifically what needs to be done for her.  With that size of a defect, the likelihood is good for spontaneous closure of the defect, however.
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thanks doctor .. feeding , weight gain are well
digestion is fine . she is 4 kg now . I was just wondering , are these holes are self curable or
there are some perticular precautions parents
should know with growing child ?
I ll  be in touch with you  ...thx again
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