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ASD Secundum

Good Evening sir,

Actually, I am from Nepal,
I have a daughter; she is now 3 years and weight 11kg,
The Finding is as Follows:

M-Mode LV Function:
                 Diastole           Systole
LVID:         2.5 CM             1.5 CM
IVS:           0.5 CM          
LVPW:       0.5Cm
EF:            70.0%

M-Mode LA/Aorta:
LA: 1.5Cm
AO:  1.7Cm
ACS: 0.9CM

Mitral Valve Study:
D-Mode Study
E-Vel:  0.89 M/s        E Gradient: 3.0 MM/Hg
A-Vel:  0.72M/s         A Gradient: 2.0 MM/Hg
E/A:   >1
AML: Normal
PML: Normal

Mitral Regurgatation: NIL

Triscuspid Valve Study:
Morphology: Normal
D-Mode Study
TR Velocity: 1.5m/s        TR Gradient: 9.5 MM/hg
Triscuspid Regurgitation: Grade II

Aortic Valve Study:
Aortic Cusps: Normal      
D-Mode LV Function
Peak Velocity: 1.16 m/s
Peak Gradient: 5.4 mmhg

Aortic Regurgatation: NiL

Pulmonary Valve Study:
Morphology: Normal
D-Mode Study
Peak Vel: 1.3 m/s
Peak Gradient: 7.3mmhg
Pulmonary Reg: NiL

IAS: Deficient
IVS: Intact
Pericardium: No Effusion Seen
Intracavitary Mass: Not Seen
Vegation: Not Seen
Wall Motion Analysis: No Regional Wall Motion Abnormalities

Final Impression: ASD Secundum 4mm in size, left to right shunt, Mildy dilate RA and RV, Mild TR with Normal PA pressure.

The Echo report is made when she was 2 years old, and as per PD Cardio, i have to take 4th ECho in coming 3rd Jan 2011(She will be 3 years and 1 months). ASD was discovered when she was 6 months old, of size 7mm, in the entire following Echo, the size was decreasing and her health also getting better except her proper growth failure......she has no feeding problems, and anactive baby.......

Can You please interpret the above and make me happy with your advice and make me understand to fight with this problem.......since in my country Dr.s are not interpreting the problems properly to the parents.

Sincerly yours

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Dear Anjali,

This echocardiogram report says that there is a small secundum atrial septal defect (ASD), which is a hole in the wall between the upper two chambers of the heart.  This allows blood to recirculate from the left side to the right side of the heart, which is why the right atrium and ventricle are mildly dilated.  These defects typically do not cause any symptoms, which is why your daughter is doing so well overall.  There is a reasonable chance that the defect can either close by itself, or at least become smaller and limit blood flow across the defect by age 3-5 years.  Without seeing her myself, I cannot say specifically, but she likely should do just fine.  If the defect gets smaller but does not close, there is not an indication for closure of the ASD.  If it remains this size and there is still right sided chamber enlargement, consideration of closing the defect could be made.  It can be done by placing a device in the defect with a catheter OR by doing open heart surgery.  I would hope, though, that her defect will be self-limited.
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